2018 Street Repairs

Monday, March 19, 2018 Grayson County Road Crews will begin their rebuild plan in Van Alstyne. The roads this year will be Valley St, East Shreveport, East Austin, West Fulton (from Dallas to Wilkins), Dallas Ave (from Fulton south to Hynds) and Kelley (from Houston south to the service road). They will also do spot repairs and seal coat McKinney Circle.

This work will require periodic road closures. Crews will work to keep those as short as possible, but please have patience and use alternate routes as much as possible.

The biggest disruption will be on Kelley Lane. Crews will not start work here for a few weeks and will post signs at each end when we confirm the start date. This work will require complete workday road closure for a day or two, but the road will be open overnight. More to come as we get closer to that project.