Residential Building Permit

Before a building permit will be issued, all plans and documents related to the permit application must be submitted to the City of Van Alstyne and all applicable fees paid to the City. All new construction, alterations or additions require a building permit. All applications must be legible and completely filled out, dated, signed by the builder and the builders MEP contractors. Verified address with lot, block, subdivision and phase is required on all applications.  Where circumstances of a particular job differ from these procedures, the decision of the Building Department will prevail.

All Contactors performing work within the City of Van Alstyne’s jurisdiction must be registered with the City.

Building Codes

All Federal, State and local requirements are applicable to projects constructed within the City’s jurisdiction whether specifically listed herein or not. The City of Van Alstyne, Texas, has adopted the following codes  and North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) regional amendments regulating building construction.

 2015 International Building Code2015 International Building Code, Reg. Amend., Option B
 2015 Existing Building Code 2015 Existing Building Code, Reg. Amend.
2015 International Residential Code 2015 International Residential Code, Reg. Amend.
2015 International Fire Code*2015 International Fire Code, Reg. Amend.*
2015 International Plumbing Code 2015 International Plumbing Code
2015 International Mechanical Code 2015 International Mechanical Code
2015 International Energy Conservation Code 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
 2014 National Electrical Code  2014 National Electrical Code
2015 International Fuel Gas Code 2015 International Fuel Gas Code

Construction or building without a permit is subject to a fine. Whenever any work for which a permit is required has been commenced without first obtaining a permit, a special investigation shall be made before a permit will be issued for such work. An investigation fee, in addition to the permit fee, shall be collected whether or not a permit is then subsequently issued. The investigation fee shall be equal to the amount of the permit fee required by code. The minimum investigation fee shall be the same as the permit fee set forth in the fee schedule of the appropriate ordinance respective of the trade involved.

Plan Review and Inspection Information

Submit all required documents with the permit application to Please allow 5 to 7 business days for the initial plan review. If additional information is required to complete the plan review, the plans examiner will contact you directly.

Permit Application and Checklists