Zoning Ordinances & Fees

Through zoning, a community is divided into districts or zones, each of which has a set of regulations. These regulations govern land use and the size, height, spacing and layout of buildings, and other essential elements of development. Zoning is a means of promoting the public health, safety, moral and general welfare and protecting areas or places of historical or cultural significance.

The authority to zone is granted to Texas cities by the State of Texas, and the process by which zoning is accomplished is spelled out in the Texas Statutes.  In reviewing a zoning request, the appropriateness of the activity at a given location and the compatibility of adjacent land uses are important considerations.

Special Types of Zoning:

  • PD: A planned development (PD) district is most often used when an applicant’s proposal does not fit neatly into the existing Zoning Ordinance. The creation of a planned development district results in special restrictions or allowances that are only applicable within that particular district.
  • SUP: Specific Use Permits (SUP) are also a specialized form of zoning. An SUP allows a use that may be appropriate in some locations in a given district but not all. SUPs are used for day care centers, private club permits, arcades, and several other uses as identified in the schedule of uses.
  • OTRD: Original Town Residential District Overlay (OTRD) is designated for a specific area of the city that provides for standards suitable for a residential family life on small parcels of land.  Platted lots within this area were originally in twenty-five foot widths. Therefore, standards are set forth in this overlay which accommodates the original platting, as well as the preferable standard for a minimum fifty foot lot width, or two platted lots constituting a building site.

Zoning Ordinances:

Our complete zoning ordinance library is located at Municode.com

Development and Zoning Fees:

Fee Schedule

Zoning Forms and Checklists:

Zoning Change Application – Requirements and Fees

Zoning Checklist – Specific Use Permit

Petition for Voluntary Annexation

Variance or Appeal Application

Planning and Zoning Commission

Planning and Zoning Commission members, agendas, minutes and schedule