Request for Addition or Withdrawal of Material

The Van Alstyne Public Library is dedicated to improving its patrons’ quality of life by facilitating their search for informational, educational, and recreational resources and materials. The Library strives to select, organize, and provide access to a wide variety of materials and electronic resources. Collection development will be inclusive, seeking to provide a wide range of viewpoints, interests, and levels of ability in a well-balanced collection selected to meet the needs of the community within the limits imposed by funding and space.

Patrons or community members may request to add or remove items from the library collection by following appropriate processes:

Request for Addition:

Some items are best suited to borrow from another library due to age and popularity while others may be considered for purchase. Library Staff will make this determination. A completed Request for Addition to Library Collection Form for items other than Interlibrary Loan Request, existing author, or addition to existing series may be submitted to Library Staff.

Request for Reconsideration or Removal:

  1. Concerns expressed to staff members will be referred to the Library Director or Assistant Director. The patron may fill out a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form and will be provided a copy of the Collection Development and Donation Policy. A copy of the completed form and accompanying relevant material will be reviewed by the Library Director.
  2. If, after discussion with the Library Director, the patron remains unsatisfied, the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form and relevant documentation will be forwarded to the Library Board and the City Manager.
  3. Discussion of the request will be placed on the agenda for the following month’s regularly scheduled meeting.
  4. The person who signed the request will be sent a copy of the Library Board agenda.
  5. The item in question will remain in circulation until The Van Alstyne Public Library Board acts on the request.
  6. If the person who signed the request is not in attendance at the meeting, the Library Board President, or their representative, will send written notification of the Board’s decision to that person.

To have a reconsideration request considered a citizen must:

In the event that a complainant charges that a particular item is not protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution, the burden of proof rests with the complainant.

More Information:

Van Alstyne Public Library Forms (referenced above) (.PDF files)

Van Alstyne Public Library Collection Development and Donation Policy

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Van Alstyne Public Library Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form

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