Below is a list of common violations and the fine amount. If your violation is not listed below please contact the court for your fine amount. NOTICE: Due to ongoing legislative updates fees are subject to change without notice and you will be required to pay the total amount due. These are the standard fine amounts; however, the judge has the right to adjust fine amounts on a case by case basis.

 Speeding $207 + $1 for every mile over limit
 Speeding in School Zone $291 + $4 for every mile over limit
 Ran Stop Sign or Red Light $186
 Invalid or Expired Inspection $185
 Invalid or Expired Registration $185
 No Insurance $327
 Fail to Update DL $177
 No DL $177
 Expired DL $177
 Driving with Invalid License $211

Other Fees:

 Deferred Disposition add $40 to your fine
 Time Pay Fee (past due) $25
 Dismissal Fees $10