Prior to beginning a new development project, the applicant should ensure the subject property is properly zoned and no variances are required to zoning, subdivision, or development regulations, or if a zoning change or variance is required.

When the applicant has determined that all necessary zoning and/or variance approvals have been secured, a Development Application must be submitted to the City Clerk for approval prior to commencing design and/or construction of a proposed development project.

This document serves as a general guide and checklist for developers to use when planning a new development. Please make sure that you review all of the checklists provided on the City of Van Alstyne website for specific requirements for each stage of development.

Forms for Nonresidential, Commercial, and Planned Developments:

Development Plan Process
Development Application
Conceptual / Preliminary Site Plan Checklist
Site Plan Checklist
Landscape Plan Checklist
Zoning Ordinances and Fees

Additional Development Information: