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Mayor Pro Tem’s Newsletter – April 2018

Van Alstyne is experiencing growth at a very fast pace.  In an effort to keep the public updated I am presenting the following list of the latest developments in our area.

Developments in the south area will have a total of 216 homes which makes the total count for the Georgetown area 574 homes.

GEORGETOWN VILLAGE PHASE 2 (Stonehollow) is still in the development stage.  When construction is completed they will have 99 homes.

GEORGETOWN VILLAGE PHASE  3 (Horton) is still developing.  When construction is completed they will have 55 homes.

GEORGETOWN VILLAGE PHASE 4 has been approved for 62 lots. This is located behind the Partin Elementary School.  This development should start construction in the next 30 days.

THE THOMPSON TRACT was annexed and zoned in 2008. This is located on FM 121 west at Jim Jones Road.  There are 136 acres of which 24 are reserved for commercial.  There will be approximately 400 lots inside the city limits. There is a zoning change request that will be presented on April 10th at the city council meeting.  They are planning to start construction this summer.

THE SANFORD PARK DEVELOPMENT has been approved by the city.  There are 111 lots that are located south of the middle school and east and south of Sanford Elementary School.  This is presently under construction.

GREYWOOD HEIGHTS is in their next phase which is along Greywood Drive, south of Spence Road.

The final plat has been approved for 127 lots.  They will be in construction in the next 30 days. CHAPEL CREEK FARMS has been approved and is under construction for 60 one acre lots.  They are located on Hwy. 6 and Judd Road.

ROLLING RIDGE 1, north of Redden Road on Hwy. 5 has not been approved but is in the process of annexation and zoning.  There are 59 one acre plus lots with an anticipated price range of one-half to one million dollars each.

ROLLING RIDGE 2 is for 56 one acre lots on Redden Road.  This will probably be developed in 24 to 48 months.

Van Alstyne has gone from 700 proposed lots to l ,100 and there are more to come.

A Thoroughfare Plan was presented at the March City Council meeting.  The plan serves as a guideline for future traffic planning patterns.   An item of particular interest is that all six lane roads have been removed from the downtown area.  This had been in an earlier thoroughfare plan.  Waco Street (Hwy.5) will be a four lane street and will utilize the existing, in use, right of way for that purpose. Also Hwy. 121 will circle the downtown area on both the north and south sides.

FYI:  Vail and Associated will start their Internal Control Study the second week in April.  The study will be on the Administration and Department of Public Works Departments.  The next City Council meeting will be April 10th. Early and regular city voting will be at Grayson County College, Hwy.121 west.  Early voting starts April 23rd and ends May 1st.    Regular voting is May 5th.


Teddie Ann Salmon, Mayor Pro Tern