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Mayor’s Newsletter – December 2017

November 26, 2017

Fellow citizens,

There were other things that had to be included with the last two water bills and so I haven’t written in a while.  I hope everyone is well.  I hope that Thanksgiving was good to you and that you are looking forward to Christmas. 

The rate of growth in VA is not slowing.  Stonehollow and D.R. Horton continue to build in Georgetown.  Stonehollow will soon start their second phase south of Partin Elementary School.  With progress on the new Sanford Elementary School and work on the new housing going up between that school and Blassingame, things are very busy up north.  The Blassingame gap will soon be filled too.  Furthermore, new housing will soon be going up north of the city near Old Highway 6 and more yet north of FM 121 near our college. 

Commercially, things are happening too.  Perhaps everyone has tried our new Jafar’s Mediterranean Grill.  Our downtown is looking better all the time with Jafar’s and with all of the improvements that Kristy Bryant has made to her buildings at Preston and W. Marshall.  If you haven’t tried Jafar’s, you should – and Kristy Bryant’s buildings are bound to attract some great businesses. 

McDonald’s improvements and remodeling are very impressive.  Also, on the east side of 75 and Van Alstyne Parkway, by year’s end there should be two new shops in the Lone Star Mobil station building:  Mi Taco will replace the Burger King, and the TexaKona Coffee Lodge will be opening directly across the aisle.  We also have a very new gift shop in town – The Bluebonnet Floral & Gift Shop is just north of the Exxon and the Home Town Donut shop on N. Waco, and is well worth checking out. 

Planning continues for a new city hall.  It is looking more likely that it will be built near the old public works building.  A portable building on the public works lot may be a temporary home for our administrative staff before too long.  Improvements in our infrastructure continue, along with repairs to old infrastructure.  It is also probable that within the next few years we will be building a new water tower north of west FM 121 near our well #6. 

By the time you get this letter our Community Development Corporation, Keep Van Alstyne Beautiful and the Chamber of Commerce will all have collaborated on decorating Dorothy Fielder Park.  Our Christmas Parade will be on Saturday, December 9th starting at 2 P.M. 

Please pat our dedicated, hardworking city staff members on the back whenever you get a chance.  They all deserve our thanks and well wishes. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

Mayor Larry Cooper