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Mayor’s Newsletter – October 2016

September 26, 2016

Fellow citizens,

Fall is in the air today, and we’ve had a good, much-needed rain. So far this Monday afternoon, I have two inches in my rain gauge.

It is probably no news to most of you that Fall Der All was a great success. Our Chamber of Commerce has put on another tremendous event. I saw steady streams of folks going in and out of our downtown businesses, and our museum also. Hats off to Chamber President, Brenda McDonald, and event coordinator, Connie Cristensen. Of course the entire Chamber Board was heavily involved and more hard working volunteers than I can list in this letter. Our city workers did a fine job too, from parade to cleanup. This was all especially well coordinated. It was a great day.

I have also been told that the Friends of the Library book sale was very successful. If this letter gets to you in time, don’t forget about the Friends’ Breakfast at the community center this Saturday, October 1st. This is another hard working, community minded organization and they deserve our support.

I want to give special thanks to Mr. Robert Lewis. He serves steadfastly on our Community Development Corporation Board, but he has also done some very visible work on a couple of historical icons for Van Alstyne: The railcar that serves as a bandstand on South Main Street, and the rail switch house standing just to the north of the railcar. He has done beautiful restoration work on these two projects, I think practically single-handedly. He deserves our hearty thanks.

Stonehollow’s subdivision work is going very well and is looking very smooth. New houses should be going up there soon. I believe that the show-homes will be near Kelly Lane and the new, Thompson Street. D.R. Horton’s project is also going well. They have done a tremendous amount of dirt work. The hill is gone and they appear to have their streets carved out. They will be buying many building permits this fiscal year, I am sure.

I may have mentioned this in Mayor’s Notes for the Van Alstyne Leader already, but I want to announce again that Van Alstyne has finally reached a million dollar year in sales tax allocations. Of course, this is great news and says a lot about our growing, solid business community.

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the holiday season.

Yours truly,
Mayor Larry Cooper