Bill Smith’s Cafe Is Now Open

The long awaited Bill Smith’s cafe is now open! Most Van Alstynians seem to have visited the cafe at least once already, but if you haven’t had a change, it’s probably because of the anticipated wait times. Well I’m happy to report, there are plenty of times, typically 10:30am and earlier, that you can walk right in with no wait.

If you are unfamiliar with Bill Smith’s and the allure for this casual breakfast spot, you must not be from around these parts.  In all seriousness, Bill Smith’s Cafe holds a permanent spot in many of our hearts who grew up in North Texas. Bill Smith’s Cafe opened in 1956 in Mckinney, TX and from that day on it was a pillar in the community. It has always been family owned and operated and Bill Smith Jr. took over 30 years ago. Long waits every weekend for the crowds of people who wanted some good ol’ country breakfast food.  It became tradition, or some may even say routine, for many of us and we were all heartbroken when they closed their doors in 2023.  Thankfully that didn’t last long! After moving to Van Alstyne, it was not too long later that Bill Smith Jr. and the Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation (CDC)  collaborated to reopen Bill Smith’s Cafe in our historic downtown.

Located at 233 E Jefferson St in Van Alstyne, the cafe is currently open from 5am-2pm every day except Sunday when they close at 1 and Tuesday when they are closed all day.  Those hours are likely to change.

We invite you to visit this wonderful cafe and explore our whole downtown!

Crystal DeBacker
Media Coordinator
City of Van Alstyne