Van Alstyne’s New Business Guide

Sidewalk outside downtown shops
Van Alstyne's Christmas Parade - Photo Credit Mary Jane Farmer
Van Alstyne's Fall der All Festival - Photo Credit Mary Jane Farmer

Welcome to Van Alstyne!

Access City Services:

Start your water service.

Find out how to initiate trash and recycling service.

Get your Certificate of Occupancy.

Give VAPD your after-hours contact information in case they need to reach you.

Need to do some remodeling to your building? Here is where to get started.

More Support for your Business:

Incentives and grants to help you grow your business in Van Alstyne:

Our Economic Development Corporation can help with your industrial or manufacturing business.

The Community Development Corporation supports retail, service businesses, tourism and quality of life projects.

You can reach them both at

Searching for commercial land or property for your business?  Contact the Van Alstyne Community & Economic Development office

Visit Van Alstyne's Chamber of Commerce for information on connecting with other local businesses.