Current Road Work in Van Alstyne

UPDATE (01/10/2024): See the updates to all of these projects on January’s City Manager’s Report here.


12/12/2023 UPDATE: Project updates here in the December City Manager’s Report.

You may notice some road work going on around town.  This is evolving daily of course, but we want to make sure to share the scope of the project and it’s current stage.


Nunnalee Ave. Improvements

Sanitary Sewer Line A is 95% complete on East side of Nunnalee from VA Pkwy north
to Baldwin. One manhole (at VA Pkwy) is left for installation.
Sanitary Sewer Line B is 90% complete on West side of Nunnalee (SSB) from VA Pkwy
north to Texana.
Storm collection box culverts and pipe are being installed along the East side of
Nunnalee. Gas line crossings were delayed by weather and have been completed by
Atmos’s sub-contractor. Storm pipe installation North of Stinett will re-start
November 6 (Monday). Contractor expect to complete storm pipe installation and
backfill before Thanksgiving. No work from Thursday Nov 23 – Sunday Nov 26.
Water line replacement has commenced from North to South along the West side
outside the curb line. Construction installation will re-start after Thanksgiving and is
expected to complete by mid-December (i.e. before Christmas). New service
connections will be in place, but not active until the water line is tested and
approved. This should be before end December.
Pavement concrete is scheduled to start in late December / early January. The
excavation, Lime Stabilization and concrete will start with the West lane and once
completed S to N, the contractor will move to the East lane. Completion expected
by end February.
Gang mailboxes unit (temporary during construction) is being moved for ALL
residents to 430 Stinnett. Once moved, a picture and paper communication will be
dropped at every house. Completed on November 6. Delivering letters on
Wednesday Nov 8 to residents.
Trash pick up will be changed (temporary during construction) to 2 or 3 locations on
adjacent streets where truck access is not hampered by site work. These will be
communicated to both Sanitation Solutions and the residents immediately.
Contractor will be responsible to move trash containers and return to each resident
once collected. Working out the logistics at this time.


Preston St. Improvements

Sanitary manhole, collection piping, lateral and clean out installation is completed
from VA Pkwy to Tolson.
Storm collection pipe installation at the Van Alstyne Pkwy intersection has been
Water line (cir 1980) has been located at a very shallow depth along the west curb
line of the proposed concrete road. Public Works has decided to replace this line
immediately. Contractor is procuring materials and preparing to commence work.
Pavement subgrade preparation has been delayed until after completion of the
additional water line from VA Pkwy to Wade. It will commence as the water line is
completed north to Tolson.


Collin McKinney Pkwy Improvements

Lane markings have been installed and the road was opened to traffic on Friday
October 20. Directional signage and speed signage has been installed. A substantial
completion walk-through was conducted and punch list items are being completed.
Final contract close out is expected in early December.


For continued updates on these projects, see the City Manager’s Report that is posted monthly, here on our website, or attend our monthly City Council meetings and hear the project updates and discussions.


Crystal DeBacker
Media Coordinator
City of Van Alstyne