From the Desk of the City Manager

City Project Updates


Nunnalee Ave. Imp:

DDM Construction Project Manager: Alex Bernard

Sanitary Sewer Line A is 95% complete on East side of Nunnalee from VA Pkwy
north to Baldwin. One manhole (at VA Pkwy) is left for installation.
Sanitary Sewer Line B is 90% complete on West side of Nunnalee (SSB) from VA
Pkwy north to Texana.
Storm collection box culverts and pipe are being installed along the East side of
Nunnalee. Gas line crossings have been lowered by Atmos. Storm pipe
installation will re-start Oct 23. Junction box at VA Pkwy and at Balwin is
Water line replacement has commenced from North to South along the West
side outside the curb line.
Pavement concrete is scheduled to start in late November.

Preston St Imp:

Vessels Construction Project Manager: Bill Vessels

Sanitary manhole, collection piping, lateral and clean out installation is
progressing north from VA Pkwy. It is now 90% complete to Tolson.
Storm collection pipe installation at the Van Alstyne Pkwy intersection has been
Water line (cir 1980) has been located at a VERY shallow depth along the west
curb line of the proposed concrete road. Public Works has decided to replace
this line immediately. Plans have been completed and pricing is underway.
Pavement subgrade preparation has been delayed until after completion of the
additional water line from VA Pkwy to Tolson.

Rail Car Renovations:

ByDesignAssociates Project Manager: LuAnne McCarter

Field progress on relocated rail car.


Downtown Imp Phs 3:

Quality Excavation LLC Project Manager: Shane Stone

Start of the utility construction was delayed from October 16 due to contractor
not having updated CAD drawing of the modifications along VA Pkwy.
A hand sketch was provided on Wednesday Oct 18 and re-mobilization is expected on October 23.
CAD drawings are expected early this week , however contractor
has communicated that this will not delay the restart.
Project will start with Sanitary sewer improvements on VA Pkwy and Water
main replacements on VA Pkwy and N Main.

Collin McKinney Pkwy:

Mario Sinacola & Sons Project Manager: Jordan Baker

Lane markings have been installed and the road was opened to traffic on Friday
October 20. Staff is working with Sinacola to complete the installation of the

directional signage and speed signage before the substantial completion walk-


750,000 Gallon EST:

Landmark Structures low bidder

Project bids were received. Landmark Structures have been awarded the
project. GTUA is preparing contracts and coordinating with the TWDB.
Expect to finalize a start date with GTUA and contractor by late October.


Hynds Park:

Mobilization of grading equipment and mass grading is underway.

Progress is as scheduled.

Lincoln Pk Road:

Roadway striping, directional signage and speed signs were installed before

October 13. Road is open to traffic.