From the President of the CDC, Thank you!


February 26, 2024



To the Citizens of Van Alstyne,

As the President of the Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation (CDC) I want to personally thank those who participated in the community meeting hosted by the CDC on January 13th and those who contributed by providing feedback via the published survey.  The turnout and your feedback were excellent!  Thank you for the investment of your time and your opinions based upon your experience living in our community.  We are all working hard to plan and shape our community into a great community where we all want to live.

We have received some initial ‘raw’ feedback from the DADCO Consulting team that has been working with us.  The consultants are finalizing their interviews with business and city leaders and will then pull all the findings together into a summary as well as a detailed report that we will use as key input into the City’s comprehensive planning. Your feedback will help city leadership prioritize how monies are spent to ensure the priorities of our community are high on the list of projects.

From the raw feedback shared, there was a very strong desire that our community’s top priority be addressing our aging infrastructure.  This involves fixing and expanding roads, water, and wastewater treatment to handle current population and future growth.  This was heard loud and clear and is our City Manager’s top priority.

Below is the prioritized list coming from your survey responses:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Establishing a Brand for Van Alstyne
  3. Downtown Development
  4. Diversifying the local economy
  5. Housing
  6. Retaining the community’s youth
  7. Entertainment
  8. Industrial Park expansion / designation
  9. Marketing


From the survey, “better communication” was a consistent comment:  Not only between governing boards, but with the citizens regarding board decisions, current and future projects (i.e. , road and park construction) and events.  We are in discussions how to better communicate amongst and between City leadership and the best avenues to reach the public. We anticipate receiving the final report from the DADCO team in March.  Once the CDC and city leadership is briefed on the findings, they will be shared with the residents of Van Alstyne along with their implementation into the City’s future plans.

Thank you again for your participation as we work together to make a better and stronger Van Alstyne.


David Sileven
Van Alstyne Community & Economic Development Corporations