TX DoT Roadwork

There are many road projects actively taking place, and planned for the near future.  The City of Van Alstyne has a extensive plan for improving roads through out Van Alstyne, but we are not the only jurisdiction taking care of the roads we all drive on.  Many roads we use here are the responsibility of Grayson County or Texas Department of Transportation as well.  TXDoT has some major projects being worked on this year and here are those project summaries:

FM 121 Rehabilitation Project

Lincoln Park to 160 – taking it from 24’ wide to 26’ wide and recapturing some right of way from overgrowth. 1 mile is completed now and the second mile is in progress now. The overall project is expected to be complete in January 2026.

US 75 from Collin County Line to FM 1417

The purpose of the project is to add capacity, improve traffic operations by converting frontage roads from two-way to one-way operation, provide frontage road turn around opportunities, and ramp improvements along US 75. The proposed project is 14 miles from Collin County Line to FM 1417 and widens US 75 from two main lanes to three main lanes in each direction.

Replacement of the overpass at County Line Road / Panther Parkway

1 over pass at FM 121/Van Alstyne Pkwy – the existing bridge will not be replaced with the initial project. TXDoT is rebuilding the intersection with concrete pavement with this project.

1 new overpass about a mile north of Van Alstyne Pkwy by Simmons Loop

Reconstruction or modification of existing ramps, where applicable, to support the lane widening and frontage road conversion. Frontage roads will be repaved and restriped for one way conversion.

Construction for this project is expected to begin in early 2025.  This will be a 2-3 year project.

See initial schematics and plans for this project here and fact sheet here.

FM 3133

This summer, FM 3133 will have maintenance touch up and get a seal coat surface similar to what was done on state Hwy 5 north of the High School.

This map shows the ownership of the roads in and around Van Alstyne. And for contact instructions for road issues, please see below.

For City of Van Alstyne, contact City Hall – 903-482-5426 or for more detailed options, check out our Report A Problem page here.

TXDoT roads, you may report an issue here.  For road conditions requiring immediate attention, call 800-558-9368

Grayson County Roadways Facilities Maintenance Office may be contacted here, or you may contact your county commissioner as well.  Precinct 1 County Commission page is here.


Crystal DeBacker
Media Coordinator
City of Van Alstyne