Van Alstyne Is Getting A New High School

Van Alstyne’s brand new high school is nearing completion.  Located just south of Grayson College South Campus on Collin Mckinney Pkwy and opening August 2024 for the next academic year, this new school will replace the existing high school which will be become the jr. high and host 7th grade and 8th grade.  The Van Alstyne Middle School will host 5th and 6th.  While this is definitely a sign of growth coming to Van Alstyne, our community will remain a one high school town for many years to come. During the extensive research during the planning process of expansion for our ISD, leaders were advised to have  one high school or at least three. This minimizes competition and comparison within the community per the advise of towns ahead of Van Alstyne’s growth cycle.  The new high school is expected to host 1,000 students and with planned future additions will be able to increase that capacity to 2,800 students.

With this architecturally beautiful, larger school, many more offerings for our students will be on the horizon including adding more sports to the athletic department and much more.

For updates on the construction process monthly, check out the progress page for the project here and for an interactive rendering of the high school, check out this YouTube video by the architects.

Crystal DeBacker
Media Coordinator
City of Van Alstyne