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Water System Update: February 19, 2021 8:37am

The Boil Order is still in effect, however I am confident that by the time of this writing you have learned that our water system is back up and operating. We were able to raise the elevated storage tank water level to 9.5’ last night but have experienced a sizable drop over the past couple of hours. The City currently has no reported water breaks so I suspect the high volume of water usage relates to our citizens waking up and showering, laundry, etc. We are urging everyone to conserve water as we are not out of the woods. Continued high water consumption may result in additional pressure losses.

Our plan is to continue to move water from our underground storage tanks to the elevated storage tank in hopes of getting our elevated storage tank to stabilize at a level we feel will provide consistent pressure. We also hope to to fill our three underground storage tanks that are now at low levels as we struggle to balance the need for water pressure with recovery needs.

Again, we are not out of the woods…. If consumption of water continues at high levels we may experience a drop in water levels to the point of needing to start the recovery process over again. Every member of the City is working hard to avoid this taking place. We would ask that our citizens do their part by conserving water where possible.


Lane H. Jones – C.M.O.
City Manager, Van Alstyne, Texas