The Van Alstyne Parks and Recreation Board was established as an advisory board to the City Council on parks-related matters and is made up of seven members each serving two-year terms. No board member shall serve for more than three consecutive terms or six consecutive years.  Members of the board shall be qualified voters of the Van Alstyne Independent School District with at least four members being qualified voters of the City.

Parks and Recreation Board Mission

To enhance health and wellness of present and future generations through innovative and diversified parks, arts, recreation and leisure opportunities.

Parks and Recreation Board Goals and Objectives

  1. Develop a plan to address the immediate needs of existing parks.
  2. Develop a conceptual plan and cost estimate for a downtown park.
  3. Seek and secure grant funds to support park improvements and the development of new parks.
  4. Continually monitor the status of city parks and make the City Manager aware of immediate safety concerns and future needs.
  5. Develop a working relationship with the Van Alstyne Sports Authority (VASA).
  6. Consider a social media presence for the Parks Department to increase public awareness of Van Alstyne parks.

Which City Ordinance governs the board?

City of Van Alstyne Code of Ordinances, Chapter 46, Article V, Section 46-234.  View the Ordinance here. Please note that at times the published city code may not be up-to-date, so please contact City Hall with any questions or concerns.

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